Priti Anthwal Marketing Specialist

January 30, 2023 Business

Few steps guide to writing a business proposal

Writing business proposal might be daunting but not impossible for a doer. The entire process becomes less intimidating and significantly more rewarding once you understand what constitutes a strong proposal.

There are many factors at play when you are asked to write a proposal. Here are the key factors that you should include in your proposal.

1. Cover page

2. Table of contents

3. Executive summary or about us page

4. Proposal Details

5. Terms & Condition

6. Sign and send it for signature

A business proposal requires a lot of formalities to be created. However, we'll make an effort to be clear and concise so that you can comprehend the gist of it.

1. Cover page

On the cover page, you must include some fundamental details about you and your company. Make sure to mention the title of proposal, name of the client or person you're submitting the proposal to, your name, the name of your firm, the date the proposal was filed, and so on. After all, this is your first impression.

2. Table of contents

A table of contents will inform your potential client of the contents of each section of the business proposal. It is beneficial to include a hyperlinked table of contents with your proposal when sending it online so that the reader may easily navigate and read each section.

3. Executive Summary

The executive summary explains in great depth why the proposal is being sent and why your solution is the best one for the potential client. Here, specificity is crucial. Why do you represent the greatest choice for them?

Basic details like your company's founding date and the market you serve could be listed here, along with any small business personal glory like awards, recognition, average results, or audience reach.

4. Proposal details

The starting of the proposal should be easy and appealing to the client. If the start itself would be boring then your client might lose 30% of interest there only.

• Proposal name: Give a suitable name to your proposal just in few words.

• Billing Entity name: Mention the entity under the name billing would be done.

• Products & services: It's time to start marketing your services. Depending on the concept you're presenting, this section might be written in a variety of different ways. You may group the content into categories and give brief summaries or explanations of each subject. You might also put your recommended course of action in writing and explain why you believe it will be most effective.

• Pricing & offers: When writing proposals, spend a lot of time and thought on the pricing part. With all the information and options you provide, clients will grasp what they are getting better. Don't forget to list the different fees, the tax rate, and the type of discount you are providing.

5. Terms & Conditions

The goal of terms and conditions is to provide your business proposal with some legal context. Everyone concerned is reassured that they are protected in the event that something goes wrong. When a potential client knows they have some sort of protection in case things go wrong, they will feel much happier signing your proposal. This can be the determining factor that convinces someone who is on the verge of signing to sign and convert right away.

6. Sign and send it for signature

Finally, signing and sending of a business proposal is a critical step in the proposal process, and requires careful consideration and attention to detail, you must create a page for e-signatures and include one e-signature for you and one for your client. Client can sign the proposal to start the project.

Writing a strong business proposal requires attention to detail, clear communication, and a deep understanding of your client's needs and preferences. By following the key factors outlined in this article, you can create a compelling proposal that not only highlights your strengths but also helps you secure new business opportunities. You can easily create and send proposals to clients with advanced customization options from software like MiCLIENT. So, go ahead and put these tips into practice to craft a winning proposal that stands out from the rest.